Shingo Potier de la Morandiere
- CEO / Representative of the Board

Shingo is an experienced complex problem solver and a thinker. He solves complex problems by adopting innovative solutions from a diverse field. After working at investment banks in London, he has set up a hedge fund, a tech start-up and a social enterprise. His quest for balance and efficiency has led him to work on large impact systems. He firmly believes that most of the systemic problems can be solved by updating the systems with cutting edge methodologies. He is the co-founder of Impact Hub Tokyo and OISYS. Prior to this, he has worked as a trader in commodity, equity and interest rates and also structured complex financial transactions.

Taiga Abe - Board Member

Taiga is an information architect. He enjoys musing about/ participating in/ designing systems, such as human-computer interactions, company organisations, macro-biological systems, etc.He is advising brokerage company on UX. He was a webmaster at the World Bank, director of NHK Creative Library. Prior to this, he investigated desert ecosystems at graduate school.

Shino Tsuchiya

Shino is an entrepreneur, a business producer, a mentor, and a consultant to new biz development / social enterprises / start-ups in Tokyo. After working for Oxfam International/Oxfam Japan as a web campaign manager, she worked as a business producer & researcher in the field of environmental/social responsible business, at a think-tank, Japan Research Institute, Ltd.. There she specialised in new business development in social businesses and their strategies, especially for businesses serving the poor communities, or underserved communities. After attending 2 weeks intensive course of Microfinance in BRAC University, Bangladesh, in 2009, she relocated to London and began working with many Microfinance institutions in Base of the Pyramid projects in developing countries, such as Kenya, Indonesia, China, and Ghana. She has a deep knowledge about design thinking and ethnographic observations as she was a lead consultant on customer survey and collaborative knowledge building in creating social business of rural area in developing countries. In 2012, she initiated the Impact HUB Tokyo founding team, which is a community for change-makers in Japan. After opening Impact HUB Tokyo, she had been in charge of management as CEO, and also localisation of global accelerator programs for change-makers, new business development for corporates and start-up clients, and also advisory in Impact Investment in Japan.

Global Network

  • OISYS is a part of the Aether Laboratories Network. It is a network of social systems research laboratories around the world. To become a member, please get in touch with us.
  • OISYS is a member of Impact HUB Tokyo, which allows it to access over 80 Impact HUBs around the world, with over 13,000 members worldwide.