We solve systemic social problems that exists around the world by understanding and leveraging the powerful interdependencies that exists between all stakeholders.

About us

Open Impact Systems (“OISYS”) is a social impact research organisation. OISYS is incorporated in Tokyo, Japan. OISYS’ goal is to apply complex systems science to social risk management strategies.

Key activities

Ethnographic research to unveil the complex interdependencies that exist between individuals, issues, support organisations, government, and beyond. Social Science research to understand the complex mechanisms that exist in communities and societies.

Challenging the Status Quo

Opening up the silos of micro value chains, departments, and institutions, distributing the risk away from those who can not afford the risks. Innovations made are difficult to scale outside of the silos because silos were specifically designed to keep information and knowledge from leaving the silo.


Global Social enterprise mapping - a private project to enable our client to obtain the macro and micro view of types and number of social entrepreneurs around the world. Enterprises were clustered into known social issues, linked by their methodologies. The purpose of the project was to provide our client with a tool to allow its employees get a better understanding of what types of social innovation they can engage in. Project is still ongoing to expand the researched region and to refine further the richness of data on each node.

Global Network

OISYS is a part of the Aether Laboratories Network. It is a network of social systems research laboratories around the world. To become a member, please get in touch with us.